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Single-source Cyber Risk Management

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Innovative Cybersecurity & Cyber Insurance Protection


Proactive Cyber Risk
Protection & Pre-Breach Services

Using groundbreaking technology derived from TripleHelix®, the world’s most comprehensive cyber risk assessment system (designed for large entities), organizations can better understand their threat profile and CyberScore® using an online, self-guided assessment. 
The reports provided in response to a self-assessment include a risk mitigation roadmap, threat profile and CyberScore® baseline range that make clear, understandable recommendations on improving an organization's cyber health.

Smart Cyber Risk

The AssuredOne™ Cyber Insurance Program (the "Program")[1] provides cyber insurance* coverage, terms and risk management services in the event of a security incident.  In general, the Program provides a level of protection for enrolled businesses to assist with the costs associated with an actual or a suspected security breach or a violation of a privacy regulation due to a security breach.  

In addition, the Program includes access to a 24/7 breach response team.

The master policy is issued to a risk purchasing group. The standard Program provides the $250,000 limit with no deductible, protecting from first party costs, typically the first costs incurred. The Program is underwritten by an AM Best A+ rated insurance company.

There’s no application for this Program, just a few questions before you check out through our Online Store.

Higher Limits, from $1 million to $25 million or more, may be available.



Security & Protection

Combined, the cyber risk assessment, CyberScore®, other risk assessment tools (e.g. AssuredScanDKV®) enhanced with the cyber insurance Program create unparalleled protection, risk management and pre-breach planning options.

The Program also provides worldwide insurance coverage for privacy counsel to advise on the appropriate handling of an event, forensic consultants to diagnose what happened, and if needed, notification, call center services, credit monitoring services, public relations and associated fines, penalties, settlements, and legal defense costs.

Case for Cyber Insurance

Business leaders may believe they have properly safeguarded their systems and data because they have invested in some security to protect the information in their ecosystem. That feeling of security may be a dangerous complacency if the patchwork security system fails. Cyber insurance provides an organization the financial resources as well as expert talent to address a data breach, lawsuit or criminal act. Cyber insurance helps an organization to be resilient in the face of an unforeseen, devastating cyber event.

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Customized Risk Assessment & Coverage

AssuredOne’s unique cybersecurity Program begins with a tailored online cybersecurity guided self-assessment of an organization’s ecosystem. The online assessment is “tailored” because we offer 6 different assessments, each calibrated to the size of the organization, its industry, indicative threat posture and history. Our CyberScore® is calibrated on a range of 300 to 850, akin to a FICO® score. The CyberScore® provides a baseline, snapshot of the cyber risk inherent in the organization’s ecosystem. The roadmap report pinpoints ways to reduce risk, which would thereby increase the CyberScore®. This system empowers the organization’s leadership to manage their own destiny.

We make available an option to add the regulatory/compliance reports which the organization might need, and this online system becomes the reliable solution needed to improve the organization’s posture with regulators and internal controls. Then, add a tailored cyber insurance policy designed to meet the company’s specific coverage needs – and small and medium-sized firms become stronger. Additional compliance and regulatory reports can be easily added to any industry-specific suite, creating a complete package of protection.

360˚ Protection

AssuredOne, working together with Assured Enterprises, offers the most comprehensive and complete cyber risk protection on the market – the TripleHelix® assessment. Right-sized cybersecurity assessments are offered in four tiers of Cyber Health Essentials™– for smaller organizations, typically under $20 million in gross revenue, and in two tiers of Cyber Pro Maturity™, for medium-sized companies. The full TripleHelix® assessment is reserved for larger organizations and high-risk organizations. TripleHelix® entails an on-site visit by Assured’s cybersecurity engineers and, itself, is tailored to the complexity of the organization’s ecosystem, indicative threats, history, and third-party data or reliance upon the organization’s products or services. Many proprietary features of Assured’s cybersecurity assessment system inform the thoughtful insights offered by the roadmap and CyberScore®. Among the unique assessment tools of a TripleHelix® assessment is AssuredScanDKV® — the world’s only patented Deep Software Scanner. AssurededScanDKV® picks up where network scanners stop and provides precise identification of known vulnerabilities in the binaries of any software. This tool is critical to improving security because more than 80% of all of the successful cyber-attacks exploit known vulnerabilities in the software. AssuredScanDKV® provides reliable step-by-step remediation instructions. (Now, how is that for unique technical prowess!) As part of the 360˚ protection we can provide any regulatory compliance report. Our Cyber Insurance Program rounds out the 360˚ protection that every organization needs.

A Suite of Protection

Risk Assessments:
An online cybersecurity assessment of the ecosystems provides a clear roadmap of potential mitigation measures.

Cyber Insurance:
Cyber risk insurance coverage is designed to meet the needs of the organization.

Each assessment offers a CyberScore® or baseline range of CyberScore®, giving cybersecurity professionals, the C-suite, and board members an easy-to-understand and actionable gauge.

Regulatory Reports:
With the use of online, self-guided assessments, we offer a substantial library of online regulatory reports. AssuredOne enables small and medium-sized organizations to reduce costs in the face of any regulatory requirements.

1When purchasing insurance à la carte from AssureOne, the Total Annual Cost is inclusive of cyber coverage premium, administrative fees and costs to RPG, and a fee to AssuredOne. By purchasing this coverage, you consent and agree to these costs.
2North American Data Security RPG a risk purchasing group (RPG) authorized under federal law and registered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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