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Cyber Risk Insurance
Products & Services

Innovative Cyber Risk

By now, we can all agree that cyber risk insurance* is rapidly becoming a necessary requirement for small, medium-sized businesses. The question is: “How do I find the right policy for my company?”

Unfortunately, too many insurance brokers and independent agents do not have genuine experience with cyber risk policies or the mechanics of data breach protection. The large insurance companies are struggling to keep up. This is where AssuredOne™ helps small and medium-sized businesses to fill the gap. AssuredOne™ knows that the essential first steps of allowing the owners of small, medium-sized businesses to take control of their cyber destiny includes an insightful, profession cyber risk assessment, a CyberScore®, and full compliance with all applicable or desirable regulatory compliance reporting. From this foundation small, medium-sized businesses may comfortably expand to the adoption of appropriate products, tools and services. Some of these products and services may include employee training and executive cyber risk training. Also, technologies such as encryption or encryption key management or techniques to protect against email phishing and many other cutting edge technologies might be appropriate. 

In general, the logic of insurance ought to be a recognition that the lower the risk presented by a particular organization, the better coverage and lower premium ought to be available. AssuredOne™ is at the cutting edge of leading major insurance companies with the means of implementing this fundamental paradigm shift. Frankly, it has not yet occurred. Joining the AssuredOne™ family makes you part of the vanguard of change.

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AssuredOne™ 360˚ Cyber Risk Protection

For small, medium-sized businesses AssuredOne offers what the industry calls “low limit” options – that is, insurance protection for amounts less than one million dollars. For medium-sized and larger businesses, AssuredOne plans to offer one million and two million dollar policies, especially well suited for the banking and finance sector. 

For industries facing special needs, let our team of seasoned professionals assist and advise on what’s possible. We understand the dynamics of working with captives, reinsurance programs and other possibilities. 

Meeting Regulatory Compliance & Reporting Needs

Cyber Prevention & Protection Suite

AssuredOne is the appropriate window for all businesses interested in entering the proactive cyber risk mitigation world with cyber insurance coverage in order to run businesses intelligently. The AssuredOne approach includes and annual cyber risk assessment and the appropriate compliance reporting programs, all available online. Soon we will add an online scanning system and a powerful mobile defense system protecting smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS). This enables AssuredOne to deliver cost-efficient cyber risk insurance.

The established suites of minimal requirements for defense contractors and business and finance entities covered by the NYS-DFS cybersecurity requirements are now available. Other suites will soon be available and our product consultants can help assemble a customized suite for any small and medium-sized business today.

Cyber Risk Insurance

There are many unique features to the cyber risk insurance offered by AssuredOne, from its various providers. Most importantly, for small, medium-sized businesses, AssuredOne can offer, for example, a $250,000 data breach policy, with no deductible. This policy combines well with most cyber risk coverages under General Liability, Errors and Omissions, and other commonly held types of insurance. 

For peace of mind, and a good night’s sleep, create the affordable cyber risk insurance suite now.

Advanced Insight Into the Need for Cyber Risk Insurance

Among the specialized services offered is an insurance gap analysis. This is a service by which AssuredOne can evaluate all of the detail of the existing insurance policies which a business might hold. The report will identify overlapping coverages, redundancies and special compliance requirements that may be built into the policy. For example, does your general liability policy require notification of a data breach within a fixed period of time (e.g., 72 hours). Did you know that? Or does the policy require that an insurance company approved forensics team be the first to visit the site in order for your insurance to remain valid? The devil is in the details. With an insurance gap analysis, AssuredOne does the devilish work of analyzing the details and provides our clients with a clear game plan on what to do when disaster strikes.

AssuredOne's Expertise

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