Customized Cyber Insurance and Security Solutions for
Companies of Any Industry, Any Size

Cyber Insurance Needs Differ
by Industry

Cyber insurance* needs are dependent on a myriad of factors. Each industry has a unique set of cyber insurance and cyber security requirements that act as the cornerstone for a company’s customized coverage and protection needs. Often, small and medium sized businesses are overlooked by the more robust plans.

The Right Cyber Risk Solution for Your Industry

Defense Contractors

Threats facing DoD’s unclassified information have dramatically increased. DoD now mandates an annual cyber risk compliance assessment and compliance with two regulatory reports, with enforcement by DCAA set to begin in earnest in 2020. These requirements apply regardless of contractor size. 

Defense contractors deserve a cyber risk partner that understands the threats and challenges they face.

Banking & Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions thrive in a regulated environment and answer to a host of stakeholders. Cybersecurity for banks and financial institutions ought to be provided by a cyber risk firm which understands the unique and diverse regulatory environment, unique threats and needs of this sector.  


Other Regulated Industries

Concerns about cyber risk (or data breach) insurance or regulatory requirements don’t need to be an additional opaque burden beyond cyber risk identification, measurement, management and mitigation.

AssuredOne’s insurance program includes solid cyber protection and prevention services designed to simplify satisfying regulatory requirements by utilizing thoughtful data collection to inform the entire process from risk assessment to compliance, with insurance in a single package. 

Are You Covered?

Whether required or not, organizations stand to face substantial losses in the case of a breach. Cyber-attacks occur in the United States at nearly two events per minute, disproportionately affecting small and medium sized businesses.

AssuredOne™, in partnership with Assured Enterprises, Inc. has the capabilities to offer risk assessments, comprehensive compliance reporting, deep software scans, cyber insurance, and more, including specialized solutions designed for unique cybersecurity situations. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.