New Cyber Risk Solutions

New Cyber Risk Solutions

Cyber risk management ought to be a dynamic process, taking into account “coming attractions” and new developments in the field of cybersecurity. But how does a company do that?

New Cyber Risk Solutions From AssuredOne™

Here is a little secret: Assured Enterprises has spent years developing a proactive cybersecurity backbone, which integrates into a state-of-the-art Secure Network Operating Center. Good business sense suggests that new products are best suited for clients who actually have the need, rather than over-hyping the newest, silver bullet on the market. 

Using its deep understanding of blockchain technology, Assured has designed solutions for the digital financial marketplace. At the same time Assured sees opportunities to cost efficiently expand proactive cybersecurity for small and medium sized businesses, by involving employees actively in the process.

Protect Your Network & Their Mobile Devices With the Assured Mobile Suite

Clients and employees communicate frequently via mobile phones and tablets, often using company data and/or company email. Imagine securing those devices so that they become an active part of the company’s protection, while offering the employee a high level of protection for their own data on these mobile devices. AssuredOneTM will soon offer the Assured Mobile Suite.

AssuredVPN™ - Sized for Your Business

AssuredVPNTM is a highly secured VPN service tailored for small and medium sized businesses. AssuredVPNTM will soon be available – if you’re interested in learning more, please let us know.

Get volume pricing on our mobile solution

Security for employees mobile device isn’t just a good idea for the company, it’s a great benefit for employees as well.

For organizations interested in covering all of their employees’ mobile devices as a company benefit, AssuredOne™ offers volume pricing. Interested in learning more on providing this valuable employee benefit? Contact us today for a quote.

AssuredOne's Expertise

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