Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions

Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions

It Takes a Village of Visionaries to Provide Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions
More About AssuredOne™ and its Partner, Assured Enterprises

Proactive Cybersecurity &
Pre-Breach Solution

We have a creative team that seeks to put  proactive cybersecurity—and financial security within reach of even the smallest business. Leveraging the team at Assured Enterprises, a true industry thought leader, we deliver highly effective, cost-efficient pre-breach solutions which satisfy compliance and proactive risk management for our clients wo that we can painlessly reduce cyber risk and deliver financial support through cyber insurance*.

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AssuredOne™ - 360° Cyber Risk Protection

Over 50% of small businesses fail within 18 months of a successful cyber-attack. That’s why AssuredOne™ set out on a mission to find the most insightful, helpful, intelligent approach to proactive cybersecurity. AssuredOne™ partnered with Assured Enterprises—to bring 360° Cyber Risk Protection to our clients. Assured holds the patent on the only Deep Software Scanner on the market. This tool, AssuredScanDKV®, detects known vulnerabilities buried in the software on a company’s existing system. This is precisely where most small and medium sized businesses are penetrated. Traditional penetration testing and all other scanners skip over these details. We will soon offer an online version of AssuredScanDKV® for clients of AssuredOne™ at a discount. But there is more available right now, and to come. See what is available now so your organization can experience complete 360° Cyber Risk Protection.

Cybersecurity Products from Assured Enterprises

Would one ask a general practitioner to evaluate an irregular heartbeat? AssuredOne™ has married its innovative cyber risk insurance for small businesses with the best in breed cyber team, Assured Enterprises to offer:

Cyber Health Essentials Checkup™

Obtaining a serious cybersecurity risk assessment for small companies can be a nightmare. Does the local MSP have genuine cybersecurity expertise? Are the questions and data collected even relevant to the client’s threat profile?

The clear solution is Cyber Health Essentials Checkup™, which is designed for companies whose gross revenue is below $20M. And, since a company operating with a handful of employees generating less than $5M in gross revenue, does not have the same needs or network operations as a company four times its size, Cyber Health Essentials Checkup™ comes in four different tiers, calibrated to gross revenue, number of employees and indicative threat level.

All versions are available online and can be completed in-house or with the help of an outside advisor. These self-guided assessments are supported by Assured’s expert team of advisors, only a phone call away. 

After submission of the completed self-assessment documentation, Assured will provide its client with:

  1. A roadmap identifying a few areas in which improvements designed to reduce risk are warranted 
  2. A baseline CyberScore® which will indicate the lowest range of risk present in the organization. This report includes some industry threat information and is designed to increase awareness and understanding of the threats facing the industry in which the organization operates.
  3. Any regulatory compliance reports also completed—see below.

Cyber Pro Maturity™

Designed for medium sized companies, the two tiers of Cyber Pro Maturity™ are geared for growth companies on the cusp of addressing cyber threats similar to the industry leaders as well as the risks facing small, medium sized businesses. Like Cyber Health Essentials™, Cyber Pro Maturity™ is a self-guided assessment well suited for completion by the in-house IT department or the outside IT services provider. The same roadmap, CyberScore®, threat information and regulatory compliance reports, if selected, are also delivered.

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Large companies face myriad and diverse threats, sometimes even derived from nation-state attacks, now released into the wild. For this and other reasons, an onsite visit by a well-trained Assured cybersecurity engineer is appropriate. The TripleHelix® system can be tailored to the size and industry of the client. Some reviews are conducted by one engineer over two days. Others entail two engineers for a week, possibly more, depending upon the number of locations to be visited, the nature of the operational network, and threat profile, among other factors. A full TripleHelix® assessment often yields:

  1. A roadmap identifying the cyber protection strengths in place, which ought not be modified, even in an economic downturn, as well as perhaps 20-30 specific recommendations for mitigating risk, spanning issues such as training, documentation, system architecture, OT and IT design and operational characteristics, communications security, data bases, corporate culture, budgeting philosophies and styles and more.
  2. A CyberScore® which can be defended in court as a fact-based measurement of risk in the organization, accompanied by a variety of detailed threat profiles.
  3. A Regulatory Compliance Dossier, containing encrypted versions of every regulatory compliance report requested by the client. Occasionally recommendations on presentation of the data for the regulator may be provided.


Assured’s CyberScore® is unique on the market. It is totally fact-based. There are no mystical algorithms, no black boxes, no Wizard of Oz behind the curtain professing superior insight which mere mortals can’t understand. Assured runs the data through its risk analytics engine, built to meet or surpass the standards envisioned by The Society of Actuaries in their dreamed of model for cyber risk insurance underwriting. The score is then calibrated on a range of 300-850, just like a FICO® score so that the CyberScore® number is readily understandable to both IT professionals and other executives and members of the board. For TripleHelix® clients, Assured can defend with clarity and precision why, for example, a client has achieved a CyberScore® of 685, and not one point higher and why not three points lower. No other cyber risk scoring or measurement system on the market is even close in fact based accuracy. For CyberHealth Essentials Checkup™ and Cyber Pro Maturity™ Clients: Assured provides a CyberScore® baseline report, which means that rather than receiving a precise CyberScore® number, the client receives a range of scores representing the lowest likely range in which the actual CyberScore® might lie. Since the CyberScore® is based on facts, the fewer the facts, the less precision available to the risk analytics engine to yield the CyberScore®. Therefore, a client using these online tools might receive a baseline score of 618 to 632, which means that the lowest indicated CyberScore® on these facts falls within that range. Knowing where an organization stands is a function of cost, detailed facts and analytics. A baseline score is adequate for small and medium sized organizations.

Regulatory Compliance Online

The TripleHelix® system serves as a superset of regulatory compliance requirements. Therefore, Assured Enterprises has built into TripleHelix® some three dozen or more regulatory compliance systems for defense contractors, banking and finance institutions, electric power generation, including some international and foreign country specific standards. Standards such as ISO 27001/02 and privacy laws such as the European GDPR and the California CCPR are also available. For TripleHelix® clients, simply advise prior to engagement which reports are required and if a new standard should be added, it will be—at no additional cost. Assured is in the process of making each of these regulatory compliance reporting regimens available online. Any client may request assistance with any regulatory compliance program, from anywhere in the world.

For AssuredOne™’s online clients—both using Cyber Health Essentials Checkup™ and Cyber Pro Maturity™, we have created several suites of products.

For defense contractors—the suite includes the appropriate level of online cyber risk assessment (see above) and the two mandated regulatory reports from the DFARS and NIST SP 800-171. If new requirements are ever added, rest assured, those reports will also be available online promptly.

For banking and finance clients AssuredOne™ has included NYS DFS Part 500 cybersecurity requirements, applicable to domestic and foreign ‘covered entities”, as defined by the regulation. TripleHelix® allows AssuredOne™ to offer any other regulatory report online, and there are plans to roll out additional regulatory compliance reports online. If a client requests assistance with any regulatory compliance requirement, Assured Enterprises, we trust, will satisfactorily find a way to address the need.


AssuredScanDKV®, the world’s first Deep Software Scanner, Detects Known Vulnerabilities (DKV) in software resident on a client’s system. Each week hundreds of newly discovered vulnerabilities are added to the data base. The DKV scanner is lightweight, fast and does not require any source code. It is easy to install, and the training program lasts only a few hours. Thus, it is appropriate for any size company to use on any software—proprietary or purchased over the counter. DKV is able to pinpoint the location of each known vulnerability and provide for Assured (or the client, if so licensed) the detailed remediation instructions for filling each identified hole in the software. The scanner is available through an annual license.

The US Department of Defense has used this system quite successfully. In the coming months, an online version of AssuredScanDKV® is planned to be available, designed especially for small and medium companies. It will be offered as an option with each of the Suite of Pre-Breach services accompanying an AssuredOne™ Suite offering.

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