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AssuredOne™ brings together technology and insurance* to protect today’s businesses from cyber events. Recognizing the magnitude of how US businesses are being attacked, we empower companies to take charge of their own security through education, assessments, identification for improvement and appropriate risk transfer in a cost-effective way.  

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In partnership with Assured Enterprises, Inc., AssuredOne™ provides clients with custom tailored protective and pre-breach products and services to meet the cybersecurity needs of companies, large and small. 

Assured’s tiered cyber risk maturity assessments – Cyber Health Essentials™, Cyber Pro Maturity™, and the comprehensive TripleHelix® assessment – offer evaluation and guidance to meet every organization’s risk mitigation requirements, and can include regulatory reports for single-source compliance and security. In addition, AssuredScanDKV® picks up where network scanners leave off, with a deep software scan. Beyond products, our experts can design a bespoke cybersecurity solution for nearly any situation.

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The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, and so are our product offerings. Learn more about our latest products, services, and solutions.



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AssuredOne™ sees companies handle the issues of information security, legal issues, business management and risk financing in disparate ways. We work with clients to review the current information security maturity, the potential for an attack and what the impact would be to the business, and we provide transparency for better decision making and provide best in class financial security through our cyber insurance program. 

AssuredOne™ helps companies cut across information security, risk management and risk financing disciplines to save money and reduce the risk of loss.