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Cyber Risk and Regulatory Requirements

Companies facing cybersecurity regulatory requirements need to balance compliance with security.  The question is:  How to cost efficiently secure and protect the organization, while keeping the regulator smiling?  Often, the alignment between regulatory reporting and addressing cyber risk proactively yields a Venn diagram with little or no overlap.  

Imagine—being able to align cyber risk assessments simultaneously with all regulatory reporting requirements, while also obtaining cyber risk insurance** which is not redundant with most coverages. 

AssuredOne - A Suite Providing 360˚ Cyber Risk Protection

A cyber risk assessment is a critical component of AssuredOne™’s offerings for regulated (and non-regulated) industries. But the suite of solutions goes beyond tick-the-box evaluation and knee-jerk protection. As part of the cybersecurity assessment process, the TripleHelix® family of cyber risk assessments provide a roadmap of recommended measures to reduce the client’s cyber risk and a CyberScore® which measures risk, based on the facts of the client’s circumstances.  No hocus pocus. These deliverables facilitate and empower both IT and security teams as well as non-technical executives and board members with a clear understanding of the organization’s current threat position and helps to quickly fashion a risk management plan that pinpoints potential risk-reduction improvements.

That same assessment can be coupled with virtually any regulatory compliance reporting required.  There are over three dozen regimens, including privacy regulations from Europe (GDPR) and California, as well as specific regulated industry systems (e.g., DoD contractors, banking and finance, critical infrastructure, healthcare) which afford the client a dossier of regulatory reports.  While not all regulatory reports are available today, those for Defense Contractors and some for Banking and Finance are online already, with more to come. If a client seeks a report that might be missing, please let us know.  

Innovative Cybersecurity and Cyber Insurance for Everyday Financial Provider

For most small and medium sized businesses, designing a risk mitigation plan, and managing reporting requirements is burdensome.  The cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly shifting and evolving. New threats can impact an organization before the nature of the threat is even reported in the press.  And, it seems there are daily reports.

Even with known risks, few companies have the time, budget and resources to address every potential attack-vector.  A combination of cyber risk management (including the deployment of a cost-effective tool or two) and effective cyber insurance ensures the viability of a company in the event of a costly breach. Today a majority of small businesses fail within 18 months from the discovery of a data breach.

AssuredOne™ combines a right-sized cybersecurity risk assessment with a customized level of cyber insurance coverage. Combined, organizations from small businesses to large enterprises can take advantage of an assessment based on the innovative TripleHelix® cyber risk assessment system. And, with an AssuredOne™ suite of solutions, sound compliance and security are enhanced by cyber risk insurance which begins to cover the insured from the first dollar of exposure—often eliminating the losses from a deductible

Meeting Regulatory Compliance & Reporting Needs

Regulatory requirements and reporting don’t need to be separate endeavors. With the TripleHelix® family of assessments, scaled to meet a business’ size and needs, organizations have access to a host of regulatory reports built off of the already completed cyber risk assessment. Smaller firms may utilize the online system of Cyber Health Essentials Checkup™.  Medium sized firms are supported by Cyber Pro Maturity™ and the TripleHelix® program can be scaled to satisfy needs for companies ranging from $30M in gross revenue to Fortune 100 companies.  With AssuredOne™, companies now have a single source for cyber threat evaluation, compliance reporting, and insurance saving time and money, reducing stress and uncertainty. 

Immediately available reports include:

  • HIPAA 
  • NIST
  • GDPR
  • SOX
  • CCPA
  • and many more. See the full list

Not Seeing the Report you Need?

TripleHelix® already contains most common regulatory cybersecurity reports. However, if there is a report we do not already have, Assured Enterprises, Inc. will create it for our clients for their report dossier, free of charge.

Contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your organization’s reporting needs.

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